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Eastern Clinic - Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to the Eastern Clinic

One of the newest Optimal Therapy locations, the Eastern location is located inside the Eastern Healthcare Center on South Eastern Ave and East Harmon Ave. Located in Central Las Vegas, this is a great location for patients in Paradise, the University District and Southeast Las Vegas. The specialists at the Eastern location offer comprehensive physical therapy services and specialize in pain rehabilitation to help you get back to feeling yourself.

The state of the art facility provides a great atmosphere with the latest enhancements to make your physical therapy appointments as enjoyable and effective as possible. Lead by Dr. Spencer Earnest, the physical therapy specialists at the Eastern location are ready to help you recover from any recent surgeries or traumas and help reduce and improve pain related to these conditions.

Optimal Therapy  Eastern Clinic - Main Floor
Optimal Therapy  Eastern Clinic - Private Room
Optimal Therapy  Eastern Clinic - Waiting Area

Get in Touch with the Eastern Clinic

Conveniently located in Central Las Vegas on S Eastern Ave and E Harmon Ave.

Office: 702-637-0535
Fax: 702-564-4838

Our Eastern Clinic Therapists

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