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Jolley Christmas Giveaway

Jolley ChristmasGiveaway. Two Ways to Win!. Share one of our contest posts on either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag OptimalJolleyChristmas found on either Facebook or Instagram. Once per week, we'll pick a winner for a gift card!
Posted on 2020-11-05

Pre-Hab: 3 Benefits of Physical Therapy before Surgery

Pre-Hab: 3 Benefits of Physical Therapy before Surgery
Pre-hab: 3 benefits of physical therapy before surgery. By Optimal Therapy  Surgery can make you feel nervous, perhaps even scared. It’s not an easy topic to talk about especially in the middle of a pandemic. Restrictions on who can go with you to appointments, who’s allowed in the same room as you, social distancing around others, financial preparations, and being able to check off the requirements set by your doctor prior to surgery are extremely scary and hectic. Somet...
Posted on 2020-10-22

Physical Therapy in Rural Nevada

Physical Therapy in Rural Nevada
The need for Physical Therapy in Rural Nevada. By Leighanna J., Front Office Coordinator You may think that a small town, in the middle of nowhere Nevada, doesn't need a facility like a physical therapy clinic. After all, the sagebrush outnumbers citizens. Well, you’d be wrong. Let me tell you, it does! Most rural towns are at least two hours away from any larger cities, and pain doesn’t care where you live. Believe me, I’d know.  About 3 years ago, I needed physi...
Posted on 2020-10-15
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