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Request an Appointment

We have several options available to make scheduling an appointment easy for you. The first option is that you can always schedule an appointment after a visist before you leave. This is a great option to ensure that you don't forget and that you maintain consistent with your therapy schedules.

If this is your first time making an appointment or you were unable to do it in person, we have options below to allow you to schedule from either your phone or from right here on the website:


Schedule by Phone

One of the best ways to schedule an appointment is to call one of our friendly scheduling team members. Not only are they able to schedule an appointment for you, but they can also help with questions about our different locations and services provided. Give them a call anytime during normal business hours:

(702) 564-6712


Request an Appointment Online

If you are looking to schedule an appointment after normal business hours, you can use our appointment form below to request a location at your desired location. A member of our scheduling team will reach out during the next business day to confirm your appointment:

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