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7 Things To Do in Vegas …If you don’t have low back pain!!

Optimal physical therapy screenshot of Las Vegas strip, welcome to las vegas sign, and red rock canyon.

My name is Mike Russell and I am a low back pain specialist who lives in the Las Vegas area. I treat people from all over who suffer from low back pain and help people avoid surgery and get off of pain killers. I have been thinking about all that Las Vegas offers a lot lately and I understand that there are so many of you out there – or people you know or love- who can not participate with because of low back pain. There is so much to do in the area that we live and if you have low back pain, it will stop you from doing it! Enjoy this quick blog that talks about my Top 7 spots to visit and you can enjoy too, once you get rid of low back pain!

You are not alone in this journey to healing a bad back, dealing with sciatica, understanding what stenosis means, and avoiding a visit to your doctors office.

Although not many people from out of town know it, there are a ton of things to do in Las Vegas off the strip! Most of these things are recreational and are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. They are VERY family friendly and provide any person a wonderful opportunity to enjoy scenery, hiking, and rock climbing.

Las Vegas is an amazing valley, however, not so much if you are experiencing low back pain. As we know, there is more to life than just sitting behind a slot machine “thinking” it is your lucky day. One thing about Las Vegas, the House Always Wins! (this means that you lose)

One other way we lose is when we are restricted in our daily lives due to pain, dependency on pain pills, or undergo painful surgeries that either do not work or permanently limit us.

I have listed 7 things that you can do in Las Vegas if you were not suffering from low back pain. These are special activities to me and I love doing all of them… often.

‣ Visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

• There are tons of trails and activities to participate in

‣ Enjoy Lake Mead National Recreation Area

• From swimming to skiing, plenty of fun out here

‣ Ride the Zip line in Boulder City

• The scenery is great, the fast zip line ride is even better

Mount Charleston
• Lee Canyon ski area in the winter, Mary Jane Falls trail in the summer

Boot Leg Canyon
• Boulder City is a great small town with tons of mountain biking and running trails

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
• From drag racing to Sprint Cup racing

Walking the “Strip”
• Beyond breath taking views, signs, and buffets!

These activities do not require elite endurance, super human strength, or even a lot of money for that matter. They DO require a desire to get out and move. I know how tough it is to move around or exercise in the presence of pain! It can prevent you from doing the easiest of things. Is this you?Are you currently afraid to leave your home with the fear of increasing pain or getting stuck and not being able to move? Does the thought of getting active again, going to dinner with friends, or being able to participate in any of those activities seem out of reach for you?

If so, there is HOPE for you Again! I understand now, more than ever, that the golden years can be a little bit rusty! Even middle age can seem like being centuries old when you are in pain.

Do you want a Free Report on how to Fix Low Back Pain with Even More Tips?

Call 702-564-6712 or click on this link: Low Back Pain

The incidence of low back pain is extremely high. This means the chance of you hurting your back is very likely. If you have injured your back once, you will most likely injure it again. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when you injure your back after your first injury.

If you are having fears about going out and enjoying the wonderful city that we live in, then please click here for this FREE report:

Introduction to lower back

It is completely FREE and there is nothing for you to pay. It is an easy read and will take you about 10 minutes. There is a bonus section that includes a few exercises for you to get started on right away.

You have nothing to lose, except your freedom to enjoy this wonderful valley and all that it offers!

Be well everyone and I will talk to you soon!

Optimal Physical Therapist, Mike Russell smiling portraitMike Russell is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas department of physical therapy in 2007. Since that time, his research interests have included balance rehabilitation for athletes and the aging population, shoulder pain and the overhead throwing athlete, foot volumetrics related to running versus walking, lower extremity, pain with running and run related injuries. Dr. Russell has been assisting runners, triathletes, and cyclist to help them return to competition with an emphasis on “prehabilitation.” This term is the type of work and rehabilitation that athletes need to engage in to prevent injuries. Dr. Russell has extensive training in the use of dry needling techniques to help alleviate aches and pains faster with less time away from activities that people love. Clients of Dr. Russell enjoy the ability to stay active, avoid the use of pills or pain medication, and avoid costly surgery and procedures. Dr. Russell can be reached at: mike@optimalptlv.com or 702-768-8050

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