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Who is Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company?

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Many years ago and in a valley far far away, a small physical therapy clinic was born out of the dust of Pahrump NV. Steve Jolley started this clinic and it quickly grew to be the largest in Nye county.  Meanwhile, another company in a neighboring valley was growing as well. Mike Russell had Henderson Physical Therapy.  As he was growing in the Las Vegas valley he decided to change the name to Optimal Physical Therapy. 

They decided to join forces in the Physical Therapy world and a great new company was formed "Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company".   

Both Steve and Mike had similar Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission is to "Help People Feel Better."

We believe this starts at the very top.  The purpose of our company is two-fold. 

  •  We want our team members to say " this is the best place I have ever worked". 
  •  We want our team members to say " I am better because I am part of this team" . 
  •  We want our patients to say "I feel better for coming in".
  •  We want our patients to say " I enjoyed every aspect of Optimal Physical Therapy". 

From the moment you start talking with one of our team members,  we want to provide an Optimal Physical Therapy experience. This includes calling to schedule an appointment,  paying your bill, and of course, working with our world-class therapists.

Our Vision is:  To provide value-based first-rate in the clinic and in-home care

In business, "if you are not growing you are dying".  So, of course, we are trying to carefully grow as fast as we can. 

  • We are working with United Healthcare Group and leading experts like Howard Schubiner MD on a new pain clinic model. 
  • We are going to be using VR, augmented reality, and many other exciting things.
  • We are starting our Pelvic Floor therapy in June.
  • We are looking to expand our wound care into Las Vegas over this next year.

Feel free to look at the many other services we offer by clicking here.

Our Values: (Probably most important)

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